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LIQUIFER is a new generation [space] architecture firm founded in Vienna in 2003. It does not believe in drawing a line between Earth and Space, but rather in identifying and applying 'reciprocities' between terrestrial (Earth) and extra-terrestrial (Orbit, Moon, Mars, etc.) architecture, in the way it designs product, transportation and habitation systems for living on and off the planet. The firm takes a multidisciplinary approach to research and design of future systems. It fosters collaboration across disciplines, cultures, and national boundaries.

The LIQUIFER portfolio spans a wide variety of projects involving the design and construction of product, habitat and transportation systems for living, working and exploring here on Earth (1G), in orbit (0G), on Moon (1/6G), on Mars (1/3G) and beyond.

Waltraut Hoheneder (Architecture, Art)
Barbara Imhof (Space Architecture /Architecture)
Susmita Mohanty (Space Architecture and Design, Business Develpment)


LIQUIFER office for (space)architecture
Obere Donaustrasse 97-99/1/62
1020 Wien / Vienna
T ++43 1 2188505
F ++43 1 2188506